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ASTER Imagery – V2 Improvements

[Source: USGS ASTER V2- New Coverage] 

The new ASTER GDEM was released in October 2011, showing significant improvements in quality over V1.  Generated from data collected from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER), the results are impressive and easily accessible. The ASTER GDEM is the only DEM that covers the entire land surface of the Earth at high resolution. Its valuable for both large and small scale mapping endeavors, especially as a base layer to augment vector data.

[Source: USGS ASTER V2- New Coverage Relief] 

The V2 of ASTER features an advanced algorithm that greatly improves GDEM resolution and elevation accuracy. The global coverage has also been increased so that files available to the public show a greater percentage of ground coverage.

[Source: USGS ASTER V2- Improvements over V1] 

[Source: USGS ASTER V2- Improvements over V1] 

3D imagery options via the this new dataset are impressive; to follow are two examples provided by USGS- the Grand Canyon and the Sierras near Mt. Whitney.

[USGS ASTER V2- The Grand Canyon, AZ.] 

[USGS ASTER V2- The Sierra Near Mt. Whitney, CA.]