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Dolling out 3 Minutes of Fame- Public Comment on NY Fracking begins tonight

[Hydrofrack Field]

Tonight begins DEC’s public comment session on the draft SGEIS for hydrofracking. Hopefully the sessions will be utilized to address the actual alternatives in the document. A further interesting development is the news that townships and counties may exercise their power over local zoning to restrict fracking- an option that has the potential to turn the tables on the typical EIS process. The case in Dryden, NY is exemplary; if suits like this fail, it will be very interesting to see the repercussions at the local level.

[Source: DEC public comment schedule]

Even as advocates for/against hydrofracking in NY state cite activity right across the border in PA, the Barnett Shale expanse in Texas may portend NY’s new landscape if fracking takes hold in the Empire state. The EIA has a telling animation of the hydrofracking takover across the Barnett Shale. The graph that follows the animation screengrab further reflects industry’s preferences when given the green light to hydrofrack over traditional vertical drilling methods.

[Source: EIA] 

[Source: EIA]

[Source: EIA]