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Tegucigalpita- a regional atlas

[Source: Geospex & EwB, 2011] 

In conjunction with the student chapter of Engineers without Borders at City College here in New York, water resources and general topography surrounding the chapter’s current project in Tegucigalpita, Honduras have been mapped in this regional atlas. The atlas has been constructed via new GIS datasets collected by EwB participating students in 2011, as well as state GIS resources from professor Ricardo Alavardo Escobar, Municipal Mayor and Alex Uriel Del Cid, Municipal Technician in Omoa, Honduras.

The EWB team is currently in Honduras for the second leg of the project. Current deliverables include this atlas as well as a series of tailored wall maps designed to aid community planning in the township of Tegucigalpita.

[Source: Geospex & EwB, 2011] 

[Source: Geospex & EwB, 2011] 

Project supporters include Geospex, Grant Engineering, Bentley Engineering and City College, as well as community participants in Tegucigalpita.

[Source: Geospex, EwB, Grant Engineering, Bentley Engineering & City College, NY, 2011]