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A Resilient, Resourceful Govan | Community-Based Mapping in Glasgow, Scotland

[Source: ‘Govan Together’ Map Insert, 2012] 

The second edition of the Govan Thegither community broadsheet is now published including a new full-page, fold-out community map- ‘A Resilient, Resourceful Govan’. All data collection was done in partnership with both individuals and community groups in the Govan neighborhood near the Clyde River, Glasgow, Scotland. The final broadsheet and map insert consisted of 11,000 copies distributed across Greater Govan (Govan, Linthouse, Elderpark, Sheildhall, Drumoyne, Ibrox, Kinning Park).

[Source: ‘Govan Together’ Map Insert, 2012] 

Unique components of the project included Ordnance Survey vectors overlayed to a historical raster base dating back to the 1850’s, and a completely new community location dataset for Govan. Its quickly apparent that the community based resources of Govan are distributed in patterned and clustered formats. Seeing this distribution in spatial format allows community efforts in Govan a productive tool for future planning.

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In addition to the GIS, design and print production, content and editing direction was provided in partnership with Govan and Linthouse Parish Church, Leg Up Urban Planters, Fablevision, GalGael, Center for Human Ecology, The Pearce Institute and Natural Scotland. Funding for the project was provided in part by the Govan Folk University Climate Challenge.

[Source: ‘Govan Together’ Broadsheet Publication, 2012]