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Foursquare Visualizes 500 million, and in the process reveals critical infrastructure

fs1[Source: Foursquare Visualization Map] 

Earlier this month, Foursquare released a spatial visualization of its user’s data- 500 million check-ins worth. While many have commented on the striking ability of the check-ins to denote the urban footprints of famous cities, its equally interesting to follow transporation paths out of cities through suburban terrain into jet black hinterlands interspersed infrequently with gleaming clumbs of data. Like timelapse landsat imagery of urban peripheral growth, Foursquare’s visualization underscores that exurban space follows its own set of rules.

fs2[Source: Foursquare Visualization Map] 

fs4[Source: Foursquare Visualization Map] 

fs3[Source: Foursquare Visualization Map]