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NYCHALAND- 20th Century Idealism meets 21st Century Markets

As NYCHALAND gears up to join the rest of NYC in monetizing every potentially available square inch it owns, its worth paying attention to not only recent headlines, but this fantastic historical dissection authored by Samuel Zipp of the cold war impetus for public housing in greater NYC. In Manhattan Projects: The Rise and Fall of Urban Renewal in Cold War New York, detailed diagrams, archival photos and incisive argument go a long way towards exposing factors underlining public housing’s increasingly precarious existence in a 21st century New York- a city governed by global financial forces increasingly at odds with 20th century urban idealism.

A quick rejoinder here are all 820 unique lots that NYCHA owns & manages, snapped to Lower Manhattan, and then some. “A lot of land” is an understatement.


And few more quick references…. New York Magazine’s most recent overview of NYCHA’s plight and plan; and NY Daily New’s inspiring reference map….


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