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NYC Student Showcase @ Geo NYC Meetup

This past month, two final student project’s from my Co-Taught, GIS + GeoWeb course, were featured at GEO NYC’s Meetup. Very pleased to see Laura Guzman, & Jesse Mae Metts present Creating Sustainable Urban Ecosystems; and Troy Andrew Hallisey present Rethink the Block.

Jesse & Laura presenting Creating Sustainable Urban Ecosystems

[Jesse & Laura presenting Creating Sustainable Urban Ecosystems ]

Troy presenting Rethinking the Block

[Troy presenting Rethink the Block]

These projects were 2 of 4 final projects accomplished in the Fall term of a new course being taught in the Design & Urban Ecologies program @ The New School entitled GIS and the Geoweb.

The projects can be accessed via the course blog with descriptions, or via the direct project links:

GIS and the Geoweb

Creating Sustainable Urban Ecosystems

Rethink the Block