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Helen Slottje – Upstate’s defense against Fracking

New York State’s local tactics to counter the threat of widespread, unmitigated fracking across the Marcellus Shale have only gained strength over the last few years. It comes down to individuals with conviction, concern and importantly legal facts on their side. Helen Slottje has just been awarded the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize for North America. She is the embodiment of what individuals can do in the asymmetrical defense against the encroachment of the extraction industry throughout the Marcellus Shale, and acutely in New York State.

Helen Slottje- Recipient of the North American 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize  ]

The Marcellus Shale Extent spanning across Northeastern States, each with varying degrees of local resistance to gas extraction:

MarcellusShale6 Marcellus Shale Extent ]

A quick look at FrackTrackers mapping for PA to the immediate south is a startling portrait of New York State’s future if the current ban is lifted and the local level is found unorganized. Thanks in part to Helen Slottje, part of the equation is being addressed as seen in the numerous local actions in New York state as tracked by Food and Water Watch, located here. While the state maintains it moratorium against fracking, local measures such as those instigated and promoted by Helen Slottje ensure that extraction pressure most visible at the state and federal level has a clear, decisive and sound legal retort at the local level.

FrackTracker’s PA Fracking Map ]