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Prepping Geographic Attribute Data for Excel

For a variety of reason we often wish/need to extract the tabular data component from a geographic feature into Excel format. There are several-to-many ways to extract tabular data from GIS platforms, but often we want the resulting extract to be in explicit, Excel table format- an ubiquitous, common file format that is easy to work with not only by ourselves but others that may not be working in a GIS platform on a particular project.

Both ArcGIS and QGIS handle this essential task in similar ways. The essential steps are as follows:

1. Import Geographic feature into the GIS table of contents.
2. Utilize a tool to create the export to Excel format.
3. Point export to desired location; simply open the extract/export in Excel.

A GIS stack exchange detailing the process further can be had HERE

Its pretty straightforward and simple; and its an often-used workflow step, especially for those that are working on projects where value is being added by the GIS AND is also being worked upon by either ourselves or others outside the project GIS.

Prepping Geographic Attribute Data for Excel from stephen metts on Vimeo.

Often for a variety of reasons we want/need to export attribute data into Microsoft Excel table format.

This video tutorial covers this process using both ArcGIS and QGIS as the export platforms to derive the same/similar Excel formatted table.

The above video is a tutorial guide for this task across both ArcGIS and QGIS; the results are essentially the same: a coherent Excel table that mirrors the original attribute table of the original geographic feature. From here, the Excel table can be further processed in Excel and then potentially joined back to the geographic feature; or simply worked within Excel resulting in a revised/updated tabular data product.