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DOCUMENT: Environmental Impact Statement

CLIENT: Transit Link Consultants and NJ TRANSIT

DATE: 2008-09

Project Description:

The proposed project would result in the construction and operation of two new Hudson River tunnels for commercial trains and the Secaucus Loop which would allow passengers from destinations in Central and Northern New Jersey and parts of New York State to enjoy a one-seat ride to midtown Manhattan. In support of Transit Link Consultants and NJ TRANSIT, socioeconomic-related and land use studies were conducted for this large-scale transportation project EIS.

Project components included mapping and analyzing impacts to potentially vulnerable wetland resources in the New Jersey Meadowlands as well as impacts to nearby population, community resources, and parkland, open space, and conservation areas.

Project Components:

-GIS analysis and cartographic products for this large scale transportation corridor project.

User benefits | time travel savings.
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Land use | Zoning near Meadowlands, New Jersey.
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Land Use adjacent to project alignment.
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Parkland and open spaces near proposed alignment entering Manhattan.


Disclaimer: The project was completed under the employ of the Louis Berger Group, New York City office, 2006.