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Turning from the Millennium- An Online Mapping Project

Turning from the Millennium is collaborative online portrait of two culturally diverse communities in Los Angeles. Produced as a year-long multi-media project which brought students together with artists, scholars, architects, designers and historians for an in-depth investigation into the history of the surrounding community, the project poses critical questions concerning urban history, spatial politics and the future direction of local neighborhoods.

Working with youth participants from Belmont and Manual Arts High Schools in Los Angeles, OnRamp Arts’ Turning from the Millennium explores civic issues of high relevance- the past, present and possible future of their own neighborhoods- through new, multimedia technology.

This project was produced in 2000, long before the GeoWeb and Web 2.0 became so pervasive in our daily use of OSS mapping applications. At the time, this project was unique in bringing together a diverse community around specific urban locations represented in the project. The project can be found at the OnRamp Arts’ archive site.

A linked Map interface was utilized to house the project.
shop architect
360 degree panoramas house project research at each location.
shop architect
Historical photos were culled for each project site hinting at the social and physical past.
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A series of public exhibitions for the project, which is now archived online.