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25% of US counties are in the process of a much faster-than-slow death

As reported by Hope Yen and John Raby, Associated Press, and seen in Salon, new census numbers tell the story that many know all too well across America: local geographies are dying- fast. With the late 2000′s downturn-economic collapse- depression, America’s decline across certain geographies seems to be accelerating at an alarming rate. 25% is a serious number. Population age + terrible economic dynamics is producing true vacancy. Certainly population decline in rural communities in not new, but the level and speed over the past decade, even as demographers term it ‘natural decrease’, appears alarming.

The phenomena of ‘shrinking cities’ has been well documented by architects, planners, artists and demographers. The Atlas of Shrinking Cities is an excellent overview of the issue from an international perspective. The maps are stunning and the research is rigorous yet accessible to a general perusal. Apparently produced as both physical atlas and traveling exhibition. Following images curtesy of sorryzorrito who notates more info on the designers themselves.