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GIS & the City: Final Student Projects Installed at Parsons, NYC

[Source: Parsons, NYC]

This course introduced participating students to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) utilizing New York City as a site of spatial investigation. Organized as a practicum covering both technical and theoretical geospatial concepts, the final student projects on display represent the culminating efforts of each student based on course material and individual research efforts. Students conducted their own research, data gathering and GIS analysis to achieve their final mapping projects.

[Source: Stephen Metts]

The final projects are now installed in Parsons building 2w. 13th street, 11th floor. Participating students and their projects include:

Paloma Garcia Simon: Green Roofs NYC: a GIS analysis of green roof
sustainability potential in Manhattan.
Raviva Hanser: Fracking New York State: a GIS consideration of the
effects of encroaching natural gas drilling near NYC’s upstate water
Ryan Hines: Second Avenue Subway: business vitality and disruption
along the 2nd Avenue corridor through the lense of GIS.
Colin MacFadyen: GIS and the Grid: wanderings and disruptions in lower
Benjamin Riley: 20th century Manhattan: US Census migrations across the City.
Michael Joseph Salvador: Crime NYC: a GIS analysis of crime trends in
Mahattan, 1990-2010.
Hanna Sender: Tweeting NYC: a complied interface and GIS analysis of
Parsons New School Tweets across the City.

[Source: Parsons, NYC]