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Syrian Displacement Camps- rapid formation as urban ‘growth’

While the Syrian Civil War rages on, millions of Syrians have been displaced both within and outside the country. Its a nearly unprecedented displacement; the spatial result resembling full-fledged, full-formed cities in their own right. Among these DP (displaced persons) camps, Zaatari is arguably the best known due to its massive scale and organization. An […]

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Helen Slottje – Upstate’s defense against Fracking

New York State’s local tactics to counter the threat of widespread, unmitigated fracking across the Marcellus Shale have only gained strength over the last few years. It comes down to individuals with conviction, concern and importantly legal facts on their side. Helen Slottje has just been awarded the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize for North America. […]

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The Insurance Industry’s New Role: Climate Change Leader

Hurricane Sandy has definitely ushered in a new era of expectations for the National Flood Insurance Program- NFIP. After the debacle of Katrina, the agency is now offering a product with a huge built-in downside for all of us as taxpayers. Going forward, our prospects look less secure each year we witness ‘unexpected’ climate events. […]

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Hurricane Sandy Mapping

Over the past few years with the advent of crowdsourced data for humanitarian crisis mapping, there have been both significant performance advancements as well as numerous disaster episodes by which to ‘test’ these advancements. Platforms & organizations such as Google Crisis Response, the Ushahidi platform, Crisis Mappers Network , Havard’s Crisis Mapping and Early Warning […]

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Dolling out 3 Minutes of Fame- Public Comment on NY Fracking begins tonight

[Hydrofrack Field] Tonight begins DEC’s public comment session on the draft SGEIS for hydrofracking. Hopefully the sessions will be utilized to address the actual alternatives in the document. A further interesting development is the news that townships and counties may exercise their power over local zoning to restrict fracking- an option that has the potential […]

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Spatial Cholera- Satellite Imagery & Disease Prevention

An interesting paper in WRR | Water Resources Journal suggests the potential of Cholera outbreak prediction and prevention through the utilization of satellite imagery. Specifically, large-scale hydroclimatic processes remain a stubborn, unpredictable issue in the spread of Cholera. Low-lying, brackish, marine environments susceptible to monsoon events are particularly at issue. Through raster analysis levels of […]

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