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Prepping Geographic Attribute Data for Excel

For a variety of reason we often wish/need to extract the tabular data component from a geographic feature into Excel format. There are several-to-many ways to extract tabular data from GIS platforms, but often we want the resulting extract to be in explicit, Excel table format- an ubiquitous, common file format that is easy to […]

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SOTM 2015 in NYC: One Week Out

[ STATE OF THE MAP CONFERENCE, 2015, NYC-United Nations ] In anticipation of SOTM 2015 at the United Nations this upcoming weekend, a great overview of both OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT) can be found via this GitHubGist: [ OSM GitHubGist ] Throughout the conference program, there are more than a few sessions devoted […]

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GPS + ArcGIS vs. GPS + QGIS: Pluses and Minuses

The benefits and preferences of one desktop GIS vs the other – specifically ArcGIS vs. QGIS – are legion and numerous; and not the subject of this post. Both platforms do however tout the potential to interface with handheld GPS units for both upload/download capabilities of geospatial data- waypoints, routes and tracks. Handheld, recreational GPS […]

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Data + Mapping for Ebola Epidemic, West Africa

In response to the Ebola epidemic, mapping and open data communities have come together in various ad-hoc forums to collectively advance knowledge, data & innovation- often from afar, often in hopes of being useful to individuals and organizations situated in West Africa. I attended the Ebola Open Data Jam with Meetup on 10/18/2014 in NYC; […]

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NYC Census Tracts – Idiosyncrasies & Vagrancies

Thematic mapping with U.S. Census data is of course a very common, valid approach to socioeconomic analysis across time and geography. The census tract areal unit is often an appropriate geography for both dense urban cities as well as less dense suburban and rural locations. But there are situations where complications arise, several in particular […]

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“Russia as Gas Station”

In the spirit of Senator McCain’s classically grumpy quote today via CNN | State of the Union “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country” a quick survey of recent, high-profile news desk cartography capturing the developing, uncertain geopolitical status of Crimea… The NY Times features a series of reference and thematic maps, and […]

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Skybox 1st video imagery preview now available

Via MapBox, Skybox is clearly showing the way towards the future of satellite base layers for cartographic development…at least that’s one use, I’m sure they have more profitable ventures – and clients – in line around the building. Amazing… [Via Mapbox blog ]

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Moving Van Ins & Outs

Early last month United Van Lines released their 36th annual ‘migration’ study wherein the company tracks the most moving van activity for top 5 states performing ‘in’ moves; and the top 5 losers that are rolling trucks to locations far and wide. The bulk of the lower 48 is deemed ‘balanced’ by the study; that […]

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Foursquare Visualizes 500 million, and in the process reveals critical infrastructure

[Source: Foursquare Visualization Map]  Earlier this month, Foursquare released a spatial visualization of its user’s data- 500 million check-ins worth. While many have commented on the striking ability of the check-ins to denote the urban footprints of famous cities, its equally interesting to follow transporation paths out of cities through suburban terrain into jet black […]

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ASTER Imagery – V2 Improvements

[Source: USGS ASTER V2- New Coverage]  The new ASTER GDEM was released in October 2011, showing significant improvements in quality over V1.  Generated from data collected from the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER), the results are impressive and easily accessible. The ASTER GDEM is the only DEM that covers the entire land […]

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