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ChangeMatters- Landsat made easy

[Source: ESRI; ChangeMatters. Location: Ontario, CA] Back in May, ESRI released a very accessible, intuitive online Landsat imagery viewer that turns out to be quite useful for the first stages of analysis; or, conversely, as a check on GIS results. ChangeMatters utilizes three adjacent image viewers; as you toggle through image capture dates, location and […]

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The archaeology & futurology of Satellites

[Source: European Space Agency (ESA), Ireland, October 2005 Satellite Launch] Its an understatement to say that satellites are a ‘blackbox’ technology that has become increasingly vital to every aspect of our lives. Euroconsult’s most recent 14th edition overview of the satellite industry amazingly projects an increase of 1,145 satellite over the next ten years- 51% […]

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An Unwitting GPS

[Source: Tom Knudson, Sacramento Bee] As noted by Neil Postman in his 1992 book Technopoly: the Surrender of Culture to Technology, technologies, and our reliance on them, can have unforeseen consequences. Take for example a recent Sacramento Bee article by Tom Knudson entitled “Death by GPS” wherein tourists unfamiliar with the harsh terrain of Death […]

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Ushahidi, ESRI Crisis Mapping – Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake

Ushahidi continues to lead the way in mapping and crowd sourcing technology to address international crisis situations. The latest effort in parthnership with ESRI is marked by rapid content population via their crisis map for the Christchurch earthquake. Ushahidi’s exels at providing a seamless, user-friendly toolset for open source mapping, thereby attracting participation and up-to-the-minute […]

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Catholic Healthcare West & Hot Spotters- Mapping for Health

With Census 2010 data coming online for spatial analysis, the health field is busy mapping trends, some more insightful than others. Recently HealthCare West – a huge western US outfit – put together a very clean interface that offfers a quick capture of the relative ‘health’ across zip codes, essentially. The methodology is complex and […]

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URT – Urban Research Tool | Mobile Mapping for Urban Studies

Urban Research Tool (URT) is a research initiative in new media technologies for urban and design studies at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. Built as both an online platform and an iPhone app, URT creates new opportunities for collaborative research across thematic layers of urban history, built environments, economics, social […]

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Turning from the Millennium- An Online Mapping Project

Turning from the Millennium is collaborative online portrait of two culturally diverse communities in Los Angeles. Produced as a year-long multi-media project which brought students together with artists, scholars, architects, designers and historians for an in-depth investigation into the history of the surrounding community, the project poses critical questions concerning urban history, spatial politics and […]

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