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Syrian Displacement Camps- rapid formation as urban ‘growth’

While the Syrian Civil War rages on, millions of Syrians have been displaced both within and outside the country. Its a nearly unprecedented displacement; the spatial result resembling full-fledged, full-formed cities in their own right. Among these DP (displaced persons) camps, Zaatari is arguably the best known due to its massive scale and organization. An […]

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NYCHALAND- 20th Century Idealism meets 21st Century Markets

As NYCHALAND gears up to join the rest of NYC in monetizing every potentially available square inch it owns, its worth paying attention to not only recent headlines, but this fantastic historical dissection authored by Samuel Zipp of the cold war impetus for public housing in greater NYC. In Manhattan Projects: The Rise and Fall […]

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“First Ever” Soil Atlas of Africa

[Source: Eusoils]  The European Soil Portal recently posted an introduction to the 2013- Soil Atlas of Africa. In combination with the FEWS data portal NDVI Modis Rasters, the scale and accuracy of crop potential in Africa should be enhanced for GIS analysis at the regional and country level. In addition to the data (this is […]

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A Resilient, Resourceful Govan | Community-Based Mapping in Glasgow, Scotland

[Source: ‘Govan Together’ Map Insert, 2012]  The second edition of the Govan Thegither community broadsheet is now published including a new full-page, fold-out community map- ‘A Resilient, Resourceful Govan’. All data collection was done in partnership with both individuals and community groups in the Govan neighborhood near the Clyde River, Glasgow, Scotland. The final broadsheet […]

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Mapping Tegucigalpita, Honduras Continued….

[Source: EwB, 2012]  This past week City College’s Engineers without Borders student chapter made the return trip from Honduras bearing a nice set of photos and news that the mapping products produced for the project were a success. By tailoring the GIS data available through the good graces of professor Ricardo Alavardo Escobar, Municipal Mayor […]

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Tegucigalpita- a regional atlas

[Source: Geospex & EwB, 2011]  In conjunction with the student chapter of Engineers without Borders at City College here in New York, water resources and general topography surrounding the chapter’s current project in Tegucigalpita, Honduras have been mapped in this regional atlas. The atlas has been constructed via new GIS datasets collected by EwB participating […]

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Scotland’s Greenspace Map – Making Square Feet & Meters Count in an Urban Environment

[Source: Scotland Greenspace] An ongoing planning conundrum in complex urban environments with overlays of official and informal jurisdictions and boundaries is the mapping and classification of ‘greenspace’. Someone’s ‘front yard’ is really a city’s ‘greenstreet’; a longstanding community garden may or may not achieve official recognition due to the paths of administrative process; a dilapidated […]

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NYC Planning Department launches ZoLa

[Source: Zola, NYC Department of Planning] Like its ‘longstanding’ The Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS), NYC continues to create efficiency for land use and property information disclosure in the form of the newly launched ZoLa (the Zoning and Land Use Application). Delivered as a partnership between the departments of City Planning and Information Technology […]

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The ‘Littles’ – NYC Ethnic Enclaves

WNYC has posted a well designed, researched Census 2010 Google map app that delineates dense ethnic enclaves in NYC region. This project features the direction and participation of Andrew Beveridge, Chair of the Sociology Department at Queens College, New York. Dr. Beveridge has conducted numerous mapping initiatives for media outlets via the Social Explorer application. […]

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2010 Segregation – A Continuing Urban Saga

[Source: John Paul DeWitt of and the University of Michigan’s Social Science Data Analysis Network] In a recent, well-researched and accessible Salon “slide show” authored by DANIEL DENVIR, a journalist based in Philadelphia, a series of identical-scale US Census choropleths are dishearteningly similar. Denvir does a nice job of contextualizing the patterns for each […]

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