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“Russia as Gas Station”

In the spirit of Senator McCain’s classically grumpy quote today via CNN | State of the Union “Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country” a quick survey of recent, high-profile news desk cartography capturing the developing, uncertain geopolitical status of Crimea… The NY Times features a series of reference and thematic maps, and […]

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Skybox 1st video imagery preview now available

Via MapBox, Skybox is clearly showing the way towards the future of satellite base layers for cartographic development…at least that’s one use, I’m sure they have more profitable ventures – and clients – in line around the building. Amazing… [Via Mapbox blog ]

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Foursquare Visualizes 500 million, and in the process reveals critical infrastructure

[Source: Foursquare Visualization Map]  Earlier this month, Foursquare released a spatial visualization of its user’s data- 500 million check-ins worth. While many have commented on the striking ability of the check-ins to denote the urban footprints of famous cities, its equally interesting to follow transporation paths out of cities through suburban terrain into jet black […]

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A Resilient, Resourceful Govan | Community-Based Mapping in Glasgow, Scotland

[Source: ‘Govan Together’ Map Insert, 2012]  The second edition of the Govan Thegither community broadsheet is now published including a new full-page, fold-out community map- ‘A Resilient, Resourceful Govan’. All data collection was done in partnership with both individuals and community groups in the Govan neighborhood near the Clyde River, Glasgow, Scotland. The final broadsheet […]

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The ‘Littles’ – NYC Ethnic Enclaves

WNYC has posted a well designed, researched Census 2010 Google map app that delineates dense ethnic enclaves in NYC region. This project features the direction and participation of Andrew Beveridge, Chair of the Sociology Department at Queens College, New York. Dr. Beveridge has conducted numerous mapping initiatives for media outlets via the Social Explorer application. […]

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GIS & the City: Final Student Projects Installed at Parsons, NYC

[Source: Parsons, NYC] This course introduced participating students to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) utilizing New York City as a site of spatial investigation. Organized as a practicum covering both technical and theoretical geospatial concepts, the final student projects on display represent the culminating efforts of each student based on course material and individual research efforts. […]

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Catholic Healthcare West & Hot Spotters- Mapping for Health

With Census 2010 data coming online for spatial analysis, the health field is busy mapping trends, some more insightful than others. Recently HealthCare West – a huge western US outfit – put together a very clean interface that offfers a quick capture of the relative ‘health’ across zip codes, essentially. The methodology is complex and […]

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URT – Urban Research Tool | Mobile Mapping for Urban Studies

Urban Research Tool (URT) is a research initiative in new media technologies for urban and design studies at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. Built as both an online platform and an iPhone app, URT creates new opportunities for collaborative research across thematic layers of urban history, built environments, economics, social […]

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Turning from the Millennium- An Online Mapping Project

Turning from the Millennium is collaborative online portrait of two culturally diverse communities in Los Angeles. Produced as a year-long multi-media project which brought students together with artists, scholars, architects, designers and historians for an in-depth investigation into the history of the surrounding community, the project poses critical questions concerning urban history, spatial politics and […]

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