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Helen Slottje – Upstate’s defense against Fracking

New York State’s local tactics to counter the threat of widespread, unmitigated fracking across the Marcellus Shale have only gained strength over the last few years. It comes down to individuals with conviction, concern and importantly legal facts on their side. Helen Slottje has just been awarded the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize for North America. […]

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NYCHALAND- 20th Century Idealism meets 21st Century Markets

As NYCHALAND gears up to join the rest of NYC in monetizing every potentially available square inch it owns, its worth paying attention to not only recent headlines, but this fantastic historical dissection authored by Samuel Zipp of the cold war impetus for public housing in greater NYC. In Manhattan Projects: The Rise and Fall […]

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The Insurance Industry’s New Role: Climate Change Leader

Hurricane Sandy has definitely ushered in a new era of expectations for the National Flood Insurance Program- NFIP. After the debacle of Katrina, the agency is now offering a product with a huge built-in downside for all of us as taxpayers. Going forward, our prospects look less secure each year we witness ‘unexpected’ climate events. […]

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Mapping Tegucigalpita, Honduras Continued….

[Source: EwB, 2012]  This past week City College’s Engineers without Borders student chapter made the return trip from Honduras bearing a nice set of photos and news that the mapping products produced for the project were a success. By tailoring the GIS data available through the good graces of professor Ricardo Alavardo Escobar, Municipal Mayor […]

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Tegucigalpita- a regional atlas

[Source: Geospex & EwB, 2011]  In conjunction with the student chapter of Engineers without Borders at City College here in New York, water resources and general topography surrounding the chapter’s current project in Tegucigalpita, Honduras have been mapped in this regional atlas. The atlas has been constructed via new GIS datasets collected by EwB participating […]

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Dolling out 3 Minutes of Fame- Public Comment on NY Fracking begins tonight

[Hydrofrack Field] Tonight begins DEC’s public comment session on the draft SGEIS for hydrofracking. Hopefully the sessions will be utilized to address the actual alternatives in the document. A further interesting development is the news that townships and counties may exercise their power over local zoning to restrict fracking- an option that has the potential […]

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Scotland’s Greenspace Map – Making Square Feet & Meters Count in an Urban Environment

[Source: Scotland Greenspace] An ongoing planning conundrum in complex urban environments with overlays of official and informal jurisdictions and boundaries is the mapping and classification of ‘greenspace’. Someone’s ‘front yard’ is really a city’s ‘greenstreet’; a longstanding community garden may or may not achieve official recognition due to the paths of administrative process; a dilapidated […]

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2010 Segregation – A Continuing Urban Saga

[Source: John Paul DeWitt of and the University of Michigan’s Social Science Data Analysis Network] In a recent, well-researched and accessible Salon “slide show” authored by DANIEL DENVIR, a journalist based in Philadelphia, a series of identical-scale US Census choropleths are dishearteningly similar. Denvir does a nice job of contextualizing the patterns for each […]

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Ennis Francis Houses Renovation Project

DOCUMENT: Environmental Assessment Statement CLIENT: Abyssinian Development Corporation DATE: 2010 Project Description: This Environmental Assessment was conducted for the Abyssinian Development Corporation, an active New York City community development non-profit organization. The project includes the development of a new building on the current Ennis Francis Houses site, as well as new commerical space in an existing […]

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DOCUMENT: Environmental Impact Statement CLIENT: Transit Link Consultants and NJ TRANSIT DATE: 2008-09 Project Description: The proposed project would result in the construction and operation of two new Hudson River tunnels for commercial trains and the Secaucus Loop which would allow passengers from destinations in Central and Northern New Jersey and parts of New York State […]

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